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4K Documentary Films – The Children’s Round Chapel

The Children's Round Chapel

The Children's Round Chapel

At M&Y Media, we’ve seen a lot in our time producing news and sports TV. You develop a thick skin to most situations. And then, one day, out of the blue, comes a project that really makes you stop and think….how is this happening.

The death of a child is probably the hardest thing any parent could face, as the saying goes, you should never have to bury your own child. But as we found, it’s one thing saying this phrase and it’s a very, very different thing living with the reality of what it suggests.

It was a fairly typical day, I was called into a meeting to see John Colinswood at the WMS Group, he wanted to talk about a video project he had in mind. We have produced videos for John’s company in the past.

When I sat down and John told me he was donating two acres of his personal land to build a round chapel, a place for people to go when they have lost children. I thought what a nice thing to do, but surely there are churches and other places people can go perhaps?

This, my then naive assumption is the very reason John is building the Children’s Round Chapel. It appears there really are very few places for people to go and seek support when the death of a child occurs.

As I started to produce the films John asked us to make – it became shockingly apparent people exposed to such a huge personal loss have very few options when it comes to finding support, a place to simply talk or remember their loved ones.

We discovered while filming on location, and I must say with amazingly strong parents, there were common feelings amongst them of loneliness, isolation and a grinding sense of guilt. Their brave faces covering what was clearly a very tough experience now followed by an ongoing and enduring complex personal battle that one can only imagine to be completely overwhelming.

Over time, John had become more and more aware of the ongoing suffering experienced by people who have lost a child. The more he looked, the bigger and more important the task has become. So he is doing something about it. The Children’s Round Chapel has approval and construction is set to start soon.

Having spent a month producing the films and coming face to face with the people featured in them, I too, along with our crew now understand the importance of this project. Please watch and share these films – they are uncensored and very real stories which are equally gripping as they are confronting. They open a door to a place many of us probably never knew existed and hopefully will never have to go.

Will Caddy – Producer & D.O.P

If your device can support it – please watch these films in 4K UHD for the best experience.

Introduction to the Round Chapel from John Colinswood

Chris and Samantha Earl – Chris takes us fishing and opens up about the sudden events that would shape a day he will never forget & Samantha revisits a special place for the first time in five years.

We travel to Spain to meet East Ender, Gina Gatoli-King who talks frankly about life after loosing her son to leukaemia in this confronting yet open film.

Clive Read provides the spirtual guidance for the Chapel

God willing and with your help we will try to bring some ease to their immense and unseen suffering – John Colinswood






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