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Greg Holmes joins our CAA Certified Drone Crew

Greg Holmes joins our CAA Certified Drone Crew

Greg Holmes joins our CAA Certified Drone Crew

Greg Holmes joins our CAA Certified Drone Crew – M&Y Media’s cameraman and music genius Greg, has just become the latest member of our team to gain CAA certification.

Video and TV productions use drones more than ever. Along with our other cameras, we will most likely use our drones for videos we film for you. Greg will be kept pretty busy with his new qualification!

“The creative freedom drones bring to our video productions really sets us apart” says Greg, “The guys here at M&Y Media have been flying drones with cameras on them for years, their experience and knowledge within the sector has really helped me gain this qualification, I am really excited to be part of our awsome drone team!”

As Greg Holmes Joins our CAA Certified Drone Crew it now means we can therefore include more drones on more video and photographic projects – If you would like to find out what we can do with our aerial cameras please get in touch, in addition we would be really happy to discuss any projects you have in mind.

To get a glimpse of what our drones can do, check out our Drone page here.

A few interesting assignments our drones have also been deployed on include F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton’s welcome home to Mercedes AMG Petronas headquarters, we have filmed New Scania S580 truck, cars racing and Asda’s Christmas Sprout Harvest.

Drones have completelly revolutionised video and TV production. And its a good thing. We therefore spend less time and money on setting up gear and more time filming. At the end of the day filming is what we like doing!

In conclusion, adding drone shots to your next production is easy. We can even fly indoors with our proximity and visual guidance systems.

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