LiveU Broadcast and Streaming

M&Y Media provide state of the art low latency LiveU uplinks with IFB for both LIVE TV broadcast and event streaming.

Do you need live TV crew anywhere in the UK? Click here or call +44 (0)1869 866 745 to book a crew now.

M&Y Media LiveU Broadcast Westminster Elections
M&Y Media LiveU Broadcast Westminster Elections

Planning an event? Broadcast it LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and many other places!

Events of any size can now leverage larger audiences through the power of online live video services such as Youtube live, Facebook live and Vimeo.

By taking an event to your audience – LIVE – and engaging with them through a professionally produced livestream, your message will get out there a lot quicker! Live video engages viewers like no other medium can. It allows for immediate viewer interaction via social channels and it means that once your event finishes it can be viewed time and time again so no one misses out!

You provide the event, we provide the rest – Up to 6 cameras, graphics, production team, full audio including PA and everything else that is needed to bring your event to life online.

Oh, and size is no problem either. If its a conference in one location or an event the size of a football pitch, we have enough cable, radio links and drones with live feeds to make it look spectacular. 

No internet on site? No problem! We can provide LiveU Cellular or KA-Sat satellite internet uplink from any place in the United Kingdom or the EU.

Any event – anywhere call us to find out more.