How we create your video

Video Production

At M&Y Media, we take the hard work out of video production to make videos people love to watch.

Our marketing and TV background means we know how to create content worth sharing – this includes producing video, animations and live streaming. We’re creative, audience-focused and committed to video output that bears the ‘no-compromise’ hallmark of our broadcast experience and capabilities.

The team comprises of experts in marketing communications, television production and digital distribution – we know what it takes to connect with people through video for products or services, training purposes or trade show presentations. What’s more, our simple 4-step process incorporating planning and message story boarding, studio and location filming and production, multi-channel distribution and audience impact measurement means you can see the results.

This video won the 2016 PromaxBDA UK Bronze Award for the ‘Best Direct Response Promo for Kids’! We filmed the scenes for Sony Pictures Television to create this TV commercial and online video.